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Gym Pros Episode 1 | Mystery Customer - League City Gym

I wasn’t at the company for long at this point, so you’re looking at my first installation and outfitting of an entire gym. Oscar, our general manager, can be seen at several points in this video, making sure everything goes well and actually getting his hands dirty putting the machines together.

It was a private gym in League City, Houston, very exclusive, doesn’t even have a name, at least not that I know, and it’s big.

The 5,000 square-foot facility was sparse and Spartan; just get a look at those bare naked concrete floors. We fixed that. As the video progresses, you’ll see us laying down stall-mat flooring, a surface kind to dropped dumbbells and the knees, feet, and hands of those who enjoy bodyweight exercises. 

After the floor is laid, we bring in the machines. At the 1:00-mark of this video, you can see Oscar and me putting some of them together. We like to show up with everything preassembled so the installation goes as quickly as possible, though we have been known to disassemble equipment to get through narrow doors, but more on that in Gym Pros 3.

Our very mysterious client had exact specifications. They knew where they wanted each machine to go down to the inch, and after much consultation back and forth between our team and the owner, we got the gym laid out exactly the way they wanted it.

You’ll notice shots of trucks coming and going throughout the install. Simultaneity is something we’ve really figured out here at Bolt. While the first truck unloads one half of the client’s order, the other is back at the warehouse, picking up the other half. None of our assets are dead in the water at any point in the install, and I’m kind of proud of that.

Usually, deliveries aren’t this involved. Gym Pros 1 depicts something we call a “BOLT SETUP.” That’s a very large installation, usually building a gym from the ground up with exclusively Bolt products. It gives the gym a uniform aesthetic, almost as if the owner designed it that way on purpose which they (of course) did.

That’s Chris at 3:40. He’s our Building Manager and resident machine savant, taking his snack break. The man loves his Cheetos, so if you ever see him working hard, dear future client, set him up with Flaming Hot Cheetos. There’s nothing he loves more except maybe Houston-based rap artists.

I wasn’t there for the whole install, but I did feel a sense of ownership. After all, I was the sales rep who talked the client through the whole process. It feels great to hit that 100% satisfaction mark, where the gym owner gets exactly what they want how and where they want it. I’m pretty sure his gym members will feel the same way. That’s how you want to walk away from a sale, knowing it could not have gone better.

Billy Crawford.

Bolt Fitness Supply Manager | Do Good. Be Well.

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