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Bolt’s Dura-grip Slam Balls are intended to get beat up and get back up. These balls are here to give you a full body workout as you slam the ball full force into the ground, repeatedly. Medicine and Wall Balls are great pieces of equipment to have, but are not able to take the abuse a slam ball does, while also being able to perform the actions of a medicine ball or Wall Ball!

Dura-grip Slam Balls has a rigid rubber on the outside for a solid grip and sand on the inside to move with the ball. Our Slam Balls can help release stress and aggression while you experience both a strength and cardio workout. Not only intended for slams but can also be used for lunges, squats, overhead throws, ball push-ups and so much more.


Available from 10 LB to 100 LB, test your limits!

    Dura-Grip Slam Ball

    Bolt Dura-Grip Slam Ball

    Categories: Exercise Balls

    Availability: In stock
    Weight (Lb): 10 Lb
    16.00 USD
    Weight (Lb): 15 Lb
    20.00 USD
    Weight (Lb): 20 Lb
    24.00 USD
    Weight (Lb): 25 Lb
    28.00 USD
    Weight (Lb): 30
    33.00 USD
    Weight (Lb): 40
    42.00 USD
    Out of stock
    Weight (Lb): 60
    65.00 USD
    Weight (Lb): 80
    88.00 USD
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