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The newest evolution in adjustable dumbbells is here! With the optimum combination of technology, design, efficiency, and function, the Bolt Octabell is revolutionizing workouts nationwide. Featuring intelligent twist and go functionality, intervals from 5 – 80 lb in increments of 5, and a sleek space saving design, the new Octabell will out duel any adjustable dumbbell on the market.
The Bolt Octabell adjustable dumbbell features an innovative locking design that secures the plates for less vibration, the 8-sided plate design allows for smooth and ergonomic lifting, the twist and go adjustments save time and increase efficiency as you cruise through your daily workout routines, and they come in 5 high profile color choices to motivate you to go to work. Stop by our new 22,000 square foot showroom to see how the Octabell can maximize your workout routines.

    19th June 2022 by Jeffrey KaralunQuestion: Can these be dropped on rubber mat or will they bend? More information needed in description
    17th June 2022 by Will JablaumieQuestion: What are the handles and selector made of? Plastic or metal?
    17th June 2022 by Richard WackinhoffQuestion: In what country are these manufactured?
    17th June 2022 by Richard WackinhoffQuestion: In what country are these manufactured?
    17th June 2022 by Joe MamaQuestion: Are the handles knurled? Can’t tell in photos what handle texture/material is like.
    17th June 2022 by Chris LoQuestion: Are they priced per pair, or individually? Answer:

    They're priced per pair.

    26th May 2022 by Isaac SolomonQuestion: Are these at increments of 5? (5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30,..etc.) Answer:

    they move increaments of 5lbs 

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    OCTABELL Adjustable Dumbbell 5-80 LB (FREE SHIPPING)

    Bolt OCTABELL Adjustable Dumbbell 5-80 LB (FREE SHIPPING)

    Categories: Adjustable Dumbbells

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