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Width:  77 Inches

Length:  44 Inches

Height:  96 Inches

Weight Capacity J-Hooks:  1000+ Pounds

Weight Stacks:  250 lbs Each Side

Ratio: 2:1

    6th May 2022 by Edgar LunaQuestion: How would i be able to move it if I move from my house? Would I have to disassembled it and assembled it again? Answer:

    thats correct 

    17th April 2022 by Robert L.Question: How much would this cost to shop to South Texas? Answer:

    only $695

    14th April 2022 by Garry NQuestion: Is this shipping yet? What would shipping to Souther California run? Answer:

    yes we ship to nation wide.

    22nd February 2022 by Clinton DobbsQuestion: What's the pulley ratio? Answer:

    2:1 pulley ratio.

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    Storm Series WARLORD Half Rack Functional Trainer Combo

    Bolt Storm Series WARLORD Half Rack Functional Trainer Combo

    Categories: Storm Racks, All-In-Ones

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    Pre-order Estimate Arrival: 03/15/2022

    Price2,695.00 USD + $695 Shipping


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