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The Bolt Smith Functional Power Rack's commercial-grade quality, functionality, and size make this rack unlike any other. This machine can be used as a functional trainer, a Smith machine, or a power rack. The Smith Functional Power Rack is not exclusive to commercial gyms; this piece is dense enough to fit home gyms. This power rack comes with a selectorized weight stack, which is great for users who do not have enough weight plates or are starting their home gym. However, Bolt also sells a plate-loaded version of this machine. This rack comes with a neutral grip/pull-up bar, spotter arms, j-hooks, and barbell, adding to the convenience of the piece. 

Specifications of product:

  • Length: 63"
  • Width: 88"
  • Height: 92.50"
    4th January 2022 by AbelQuestion: How much weight of plates on each side Answer:

    275lb each side

    14th August 2021 by AlonsoQuestion: How much weight of plates on each side Answer:

    275lb each side

    4th August 2021 by James WardQuestion: Is there a dip attachment for this machine? Answer:

    no dip attachment only spotter arms.

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    APEX Smith Functional Power Rack Combo

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