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Bolt's resistance bands can be used for multiple workouts such as strength training, stretching, or power weight programs. Bolt's 8 foot long bands come in different weights, aiming to help the user gain muscle mass and tone their body. These bands come with hooks on both ends so that you can add handles or other attachments. 

  • Color: Red
  • Capacity (Lb): 60 lb
  • Length: 8 ft
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DYNASTY Resistance Band

Bolt DYNASTY Resistance Band

Categories: Belts, Bands, and Straps

Availability: In stock

Price0.00 USD
Capacity (Lb): 10 lb,Length: 8 ft
14.00 USD
Capacity (Lb): 20 lb,Length: 8 ft
15.00 USD
Capacity (Lb): 30 lb,Length: 8 ft
17.00 USD
Capacity (Lb): 40 lb,Length: 8 ft
18.00 USD
Capacity (Lb): 50 lb,Length: 8 ft
20.00 USD
Capacity (Lb): 60 lb,Length: 8 ft
21.00 USD
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