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The adjustable arm functional trainer is similar to the functional trainer; however, it comes with more features. The adjustable arm trainer is leaner than its counterpart, making it ideal for home gyms. Both machines can be used for high-intensity strength training; however, the adjustable arm trainer features over 15 cable positions, giving more variation than ever before. The arm trainer comes with two 200-pound weight stacks and two fully adjustable arms. Both arms have a full range of motion, so you can adjust them to do any full-body exercise.  

Specifications of product:

  • Length: 85"
  • Width : 53"
  • Height: 82"

    Freedom Adjustable ARM Functional Trainer

    Bolt Freedom Adjustable ARM Functional Trainer

    Categories: Strength , Multi Use, Cable Pulley Systems

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    Price2,595.00 USD
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