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Forged from high-quality steel, Bolt's adjustable dumbbell handles are a convenient and space-saving way to lift weights. Simply add your weight plates and lock collars to get started. Our handles are capable of holding 2" Olympic-sized plates making it easy to quickly remove or add plates. The handles come with knurling in the center to ensure the athlete has a firm grip throughout their workout. 

*Sold in pairs

    22nd March 2022 by Mondy DormilQuestion: How many Lbs. are the handles alone (without plates on them)?
    25th February 2022 by compain87@gmail.comQuestion: What is the loadable length on each size?

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    Loadable Dumbbell Handle (Pair)

    Bolt Adjustable Dumbbell Handle (Pair)

    Categories: Rubber Coated Dumbbells, Accessories, Adjustable Dumbbells

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