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The Bolt Bilateral Angled Leg Press is comparative to Bolt's Compact Leg Press. Both machines target and aid in strengthening the leg muscles. However, the Bilateral allows the athlete to load more plates onto the machine. The bilateral leg press allows the athlete to perform exercises with correct form and safer patterns, making it great for those recovering from an injury. 

Specifications of product:

  • Length100"
  • Width: 60"
  • Height: 65"
  • Product weight: 752 LB
    12th January 2022 by MarthaQuestion: What is the starting resistance?
    1st December 2021 by Matthew YoungQuestion: What is the starting resistance on the machine?
    23rd October 2021 by EdwinQuestion: Do the horns come off? If so whats the width without the horns? I need it to fit through a 35 inch wide door

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    Freedom Bilateral Angled Leg Press

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