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Stay Fit with our strong & durable AVENGER Battle Ropes. Both in varying sizes and length from 30 ft Battle rope, with a 1.5" or 2" thickness or a 50 ft battle rope with a 1.5" or 2", allowing any athlete looking to shred any arm fat or gain major muscle Bolt's AVENGER battle rope is here to build your core and grip strength, while working your abs, back, and glutes! Some ways to add variety to your battle ropes workout is by incorporating exercises, such as jumps, lunges, and squats, to gain that leg strength too.

Depending on your style of workout you decide to do using the AVENGER  Battle Ropes for any athlete, at any level, with the will to stay consistent, can burn around 300-500 calories in a HALF HOUR! Now that is a way to workout and gain the proper benefits.

Designed with heavy-duty black Poly Dacron material, this rope is here to stay and help you build and burn simutaneously. Use our Rope Ring to secure to your rig or rack, whether 2x3 or 3x3, acting as a battle ropes anchor, to keep the AVENGER battle rope secure as you work out.

A great tool for any crossfit home gym or commercial gym.


  • Easy assemble anywhere you go.
  • Low Impact/Big Results
  • Burn Fat and Build Muscle Simutaneously


  • Battle Rope 1.5 Inches x 30 Ft
  • Battle Rope 1.5 Inches x 50 Ft
  • Battle Rope 2 Inches x 30 Ft
  • Battle Rope 2 Inches x 50 Ft

    AVENGER Battle Ropes

    Bolt AVENGER Battle Ropes

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    Availability: In stock
    Length: 30 ft,Diameter (inch): 1.5 inch
    45.00 USD
    Length: 50 ft,Diameter (inch): 1.5 inch
    65.00 USD
    Out of stock
    Length: 30 ft,Diameter (inch): 2 inch
    70.00 USD
    Length: 50 ft,Diameter (inch): 2 inch
    100.00 USD
    Out of stock
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