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Here at Bolt Fitness Supply, the Interlocking Bumper Plates are a step above your average plate. Each plate is produced from recycled rubber, heated to a high temperature, and vulcanized to create an extremely durable bumper plate. These plates are best for any athlete interested in weightlifting, whether beginner or seasoned; these can be dropped, lifted, or snatched. Bolt's Bumper Plates demonstrate great strength, excellent bounce, and minimal wear and tear. It is made to be long-lasting and offers durability you won't get from other plates.


  • Length: 19"
  • Width: 19"



  • 10 Lb: 1.25"
  • 15 Lb: 1.5" 
  • 25 Lb: 2.25" 
  • 35 Lb: 3"
  • 45 Lb: 3.5" 
  • 55 Lb: 4"

    Premium Interlocking Bumper Plates (Pair)

    Bolt Premium Interlocking Bumper Plates (Pair)

    Categories: Bumper Plates, Color Bumper Plate

    Availability: In stock
    Weight (Lb): 10 Lb
    40.00 USD
    Weight (Lb): 15 Lb
    54.00 USD
    Weight (Lb): 25 Lb
    67.50 USD
    Weight (Lb): 35 Lb
    94.50 USD
    Weight (Lb): 45 Lb
    121.50 USD
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