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Bolt's 5 LB to 25 LB Rubber Hex dumbbell set is a great fit for anyone whether a beginner or avid athlete. 


Bolt's brings you Rubber Hex Dumbbells. What are Rubber Hex Dumbbells?

These Dumbbells are made with a Hexagon shaped weight on each end, making it easy for storage and safer for each athlete than a rounded hand weight. With the dumbbell not being rounded off, there is less chance of it rolling around as you work out, possibly causing an injury.

The rubber coating around the weight of each dumbbell, brings the benefit of minimal wear and tear to the hand weight itself, and to protect your flooring, if ever dropped. The textured Chrome plated handle brings great benefit to any athlete by creating a great surface for a strong grip throughout any workout.

When using a set that ranges from 5LB- 25 LB dumbbells, it is great for a group of people at a commercial gym, a family at home that has varying workout levels, or for a solo athlete in a garage gym that needs to switch routines and intensity levels, depending on the day.

Some exercises you can incorporate with the varying weights of the dumbbell set, are bicep curls, bench press, step-ups with plyo boxes and much more. 


Bolt is here to bring you affordable dumbbells that are made to last.


Sold in Pairs and Individually.

- Includes 10 Rubber Hex Dumbbells
- No assembly required 
- Strong, weather resistant finish 
- Textured handle for easy grip

- Weight pairs: 5 LB, 10 LB, 15 LB, 20LB, 25LB
- Material: Steel, Rubber
- Length: 10" 
- Finish: Chrome-Plated handle/Rubber Coated weights 
- Total Weight: 150 LB of dumbbells


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    5 LB - 25 LB Rubber Hex Dumbbell Set

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