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Looking to add more variety to your workout? More difficultly? Looking to move on from regular pull ups to something that gives you that challenge you have always been looking for? Look no further.

Bolt's Globe Pull-ups come in 3" and 5" diameter to add more difficulty to your everyday workout. Globe Pull-ups change the way you always saw Pull-ups before, from the way they pack on muscle, the way they make you feel, to the time it takes to teach your body this new routine. It is made to test your grip strength, arm AND core strength. The Bolt Globe Pull-Up  is the one tool that we've designed to add strength training variance in a major way, it's a challenge for anyone, just try it out for youself.


  • Sold in Pairs
  • 3" and 5" variations​
  • Matte black, powder coated finish
  • 1" Hardware included

    SS Globe Pull-Up Handle (Pair)

    Bolt Storm Series Globe Pull-Up Handle 5 Inch (Pair)Bolt Storm Series Globe Pull-Up Handle 3 Inch (Pair)

    Categories: Storm Attachments

    Availability: In stock
    Diameter (inch): 3 inch
    20.00 USD
    Diameter (inch): 5 inch
    38.00 USD
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