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Bolt strength bands are made from premium quality natural latex, which results in a durable band that is built to last. Our bands help build strength, improve mobility, and add resistance to your workout regimen, making each exercise more challenging. The bands aim to improve range of motion and stimulate muscle fibers, promoting muscle growth. The legacy mini strength bands come in different thickness with the following resistance level ranges:

Red (1/2"):  15-35 pounds                   

Black (3/4"):  25-65 pounds              

Purple (1 1/8"):  35-85 pounds       

Green (1 3/4"):  50-125 pounds    

Blue (2 1/2"):   65-175 pounds   

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    Legacy Mini Strength Band

    Bolt Legacy Mini Strength Band GreenBolt Legacy Mini Strength Band PurpleBolt Legacy Mini Strength Band BlackBolt Legacy Mini Strength Band Red

    Categories: Belts, Bands, and Straps, Conditioning

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    Color: Red
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    Color: Black
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    Color: Purple
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    Color: Green
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