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Rope Climbing is one of the best exercises to increase your upper body and grip strength while building those miniscule muscles in your hands and arms.

Bolt's Climbing Rope is intended to give any athlete at any level a chance to build their strength from head to toe and gain the confidence to take any climbing exercise with no fear.

Our ropes are made from Manila fibers that offer the best grip and are heavy-duty and reliable, made to last. This rope includes a polyboot end to prevent fraying adding to its reliability, which is a must-have for frequent users of ropes such as commercial gyms.Our ropes are made for indoor and outdoor use, whether climbing or pulling sleds. Possible to do both with the use of the included Carabiner.

Build the confidence and strength you need with our climbing rope to become a next level athlete!

Rope climbing has been one of the favoriothte exercises of combat athletes all over the world for centuriesbest grip

 end of our ropes comes wrapped in a “polyboot” designed to prevent fraying and unraveling, thus significantly extending the life of your rope under heavy use. This is especially important in team situations when ropes are under frequent use. 

a great way to improve YOUR overall fitness and even specific areas like grip strength.  The 2" Diameter climbing ropes offer a thicker rope to improve the strength of those small muscles in your hands and arms.  This is a practical way to improve your strength for sports like wrestling and MMA 


  • Length: 13", 1.5" x 25 Ft Long
  • Height: 9.5"
  • Width: 13"
  • Weight: 11 LB

    Climbing Rope

    25 Ft Dual Function Climbing and Pull Rope with Carabiner 1.5" x 25 Ft Long

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