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Weight plates are a signature in every gym, so it's essential to get plates with longevity. At Bolt, we pride ourselves on making plates built to last. Bolt's Lightning plates bring the best of cast iron and bumper plates together. Forged from cast iron for strength and coated with thick rubber to protect your plates and floors from damage, our plates are a step above the average. Although rubber helps reduce damage done to the plate, we do not recommend dropping them, as it can lead to cracks and tears. Our plates have 2" holes, so you can stick them on any of your Olympic barbells.  

Specifications of product:

  • Weight Variations : 2.5LB, 5LB, 25LB, 35LB, 45LB
  • Weight (Lb): 2.5 Lb
  • Weight (Lb): 5
  • Weight (Lb): 10 Lb
  • Weight (Lb): 25 Lb
  • Weight (Lb): 35 Lb
  • Weight (Lb): 45 Lb
  • Material: Rubber Coated
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LIGHTNING Rubber Coated Weight Plates (Pair)

Bolt LIGHTNING Rubber Coated Weight Plates (Pair)

Categories: Rubber Coated Plates, Lightning Rubber Plates

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Price0.00 USD
Weight (Lb): 2.5 Lb
6.25 USD
+ $13 Shipping
Weight (Lb): 5
12.50 USD
+ $17 Shipping
Out of stock
Weight (Lb): 10 Lb
25.00 USD
+ $22 Shipping
Weight (Lb): 25 Lb
62.50 USD
+ $51 Shipping
Weight (Lb): 35 Lb
87.50 USD
+ $55 Shipping
Weight (Lb): 45 Lb
112.50 USD
+ $67 Shipping
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