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Our Plantinum Competition Plates are perfect for anyone and everyone who is serious about Olympic lifting, or simply is a heavy lifter that needs more weight on their bar and with regular plates, you are very limited. Because they are more durable and thinner than our decagon plates, when lifting heavy, there is minimal bounce and more room for extra plates! Our Platinum plates come in FIVE stand-out colors, Orange (15LB),  Green (25LB), Yellow (35LB), Blue (45LB), and Red (55LB).

Order as a single pair of plates or as a set to complete your lifting needs!

Plate Thicknesses:

Orange (15) - 1"

Green (25) - 1.25"

Yellow (35)- 1.625 "

Blue (45) - 2.0625"

Red (55) - 2.375"


    Platinum Competition Bumper Plates (Pair)

    Bolt Platinum Competition Bumper Plates (Pair)

    Categories: Competition Bumper Plate

    Availability: Out of stock
    Weight (Lb): 15 Lb
    90.00 USD
    Out of stock
    Weight (Lb): 25 Lb
    125.00 USD
    Out of stock
    Weight (Lb): 35 Lb
    175.00 USD
    Out of stock
    Weight (Lb): 45 Lb
    225.00 USD
    Out of stock
    Weight (Lb): 55 Lb
    275.00 USD
    Out of stock
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