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Add the Multi Grip Pull-up Bar to any Storm Series 3x3, Rig or Rack if your first choice for your upper body workout is variety. The Bolt Fitness Supply Multi Grip Pull up Bar offers you the options to switch grips throughout your routine. You can go for a traditional pull up style working the lower lats, placing more emphasis on your back and shoulders wher as narrow-grip pull ups place more emphasis on the lower traps, biceps and pectoral muscles.


To go that extra step, angled and neutral grip pull ups can add a challenge to any routine. The powder coating of the bars adds more resistance, keeping a solid grip and giving a steadier workout. 





Length: 43"

11 Gauge Steel

1" Hardware

Width: 12"

Height: 7"

Weight: 28 Lb

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    Storm Series 43" Inch Multi grip Pull-Up Bar

    Bolt Fitness Supply 43" Multi grip Pull-Up Bar 3"x3" 11 Gauge Steel 11 Gauge Endplate 1" Hardware

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