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Bolt’s 3x3 Safety Spotter Arms are created with 11-Gauge Steel and are compatible with all Storm Series Rigs and Racks. These spotters are 24" in length and interchangable to match the height of any athlete or exercise, no need to be spotted with these.

Designed to protect both you and your equipment, so regardless if you are doing squats or bench press, at home or in a commercial gym, an amazing set of spotter arms can be a great addition to your lifting area.


Perfect for weightlifting in your garage gym or commercial facility

-Sold in Pairs

-11 gauge steel

- 2x3" 5/8 hardware

-Compatible with all Lightning Series Rigs and Racks



Length: 31"

Width: 19"

Height: 4"

Material: 11 Guage Steel

Weight: 44 lb


























































Storm Series Safety Spotters Arms 3x3

Bolt SS 24" Safety Spotters Arms 3"x3" - 7 Gauge Plate Pin 1"

Price 125.00 USD

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