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Bolt's Single Column Pulley Attachment, is the ideal addition to your home gym. This pulley attachment is best for any at home/garage gyms with limited space but want to utilize their gym to its best ability, regardless of space. Some exercises you can do at home with the Bolt Pulley Attachment are tricep pulldowns, bicep curls, rows and much more with our cable attachments.

Our version is compatible with both our 2x3 Lightning Series and 3x3 Storm Series Rigs and Racks. 

- Height: 92 in
- Comes out 24" f
rom the Rack.
- Selectorized weight up to 150 LB 
 Laser etched framing

Single Column Pulley Attachment

Bolt LS & SS Single Column Pulley Attachment

Price 495.00 USD

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