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This machine is not for just any one and it for sure isn’t for a Sissy, this machine will give you the workout you've been looking for, pushing your limits. Used by top athletes over the nation.

Bolt's Freedom Series Sissy Squat is made to give you the same benefits of a traditional squat but in a safer form increasing your core balance; the strength of your glutes, all 4 heads of your quads, and core muscles. It is also a great tool for all athletes out there needing rehabilitation or for anyone feeling pain in the lower back or knee and hip joints. Secure your feet and ankles on the non-slip foot plate, place your calves under the foam padding keeping them comfortable and supported as you perform your squats.

To challenge yourself more you can utilize dumbbells,weight platesresistance bands, or have someone assist by holding a barbell across your shoulders.

Small and with multi-use for multiple muscles makes it’s a perfect addition for any home, garage or commercial gym.

Bolt Freedom Sissy Squat

Bolt Freedom Sissy Squat

Price 350.00 USD

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