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   The Lightning Series line of power racks were built and designed to satisfy the needs of commercial gyms, collegiate and high school facilities, and avid athletes

   At the top of the Lightning Series Line of Rigs and Racks is the BEAST Full Power Rack.  The BEAST includes 4 plate pins, 2 standard pull-up bars, 2 43" safety pipe pins,1 pair of J-cups, several optional attachments, with a dark black powder coat. 

   The BEAST power rack was designed to perform in the most demanding gyms requiring the utmost in heavy duty performance.  As expected with the Lightning Series line of rigs and racks, the BEAST Power Rack features oversized 2x3", 7 &11 gauge powder coated steel components, 5/8" thick attachment pins, and 5/8" thick hardware.  As with all Bolt equipment, all BEAST Racks are built with high quality raw materials and have passed strict quality control measures for there construction.



  • Fury Flat Bench
  • 160 LB of Rubber Coated Weight Plates (pair each of 10, 25, 45)
  • Olympic Barbell- 
  1. 500LB Capacity
  2. 28mm diameter 
  3. Polished Chrome coating
  4. Weight: 20 kg (44LB)
  5. Length: 84"
  • Pair of Olympic plastic collars


  • Length: 91.25"
  • Width: 52"
  • Depth: 79.25"
  • Weight: 699 LB


  • Brand:  Bolt
  • Steel: 2x 3", 7 & 11 Gauge
  • Material: Powder coated steel
  • Hardware: 5/8" thick
  • Color: Black
  • Attachments: Compatible with Lightning Series Attachments
  • Mounting Pins: 5/8" thick




Home Package #9 BEAST Power Rack

Includes: Lightning Series BEAST Power Rack + Fury Flat Bench + OLYMPIC Barbell 44 Lb + 160 lb Decagon Weight Plates (10,25,45 LB pairs) + Plastic Collars

Price 1,315.00 USD

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