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The ALPHA Squat Towers were designed to provide a rugged, mobile, and adjustable rack for those who have limited space.  The strong 2 inch x 3 inch 11 gauge powder coated steel frame ensures the structural strength, while the separate columns with built-in wheels solidifies the portability and space saving characteristics of this squat rack.  The Alpha squat towers features adjustable j-cups, 1 inch hole spacing through the bench and clean zones on the upright, and adds structural stability with heavy gauge steel components and 5/8' thick hardware.  As with all Bolt products, the ALPHA Squat Towers have been made in state-of-the-art facilities with the latest technology and have undergone strict quality control standards.  Whether you are an avid weekend warrior or a commercial gym seeking a mobile option to your training needs, the ALPHA Squat Towers is always a viable option.


Pair of  7 Gauge Powder Coated Steel J-Cups with UHMW Plastic

2--Pairs of Wheels


Components:  2 inch x 3 inch

Steel:  11 gauge powder coated steel

Hardware:  5/8" inch thick

Mounting Pins:  5/8" thick

Length: 73 1/4 Inches

Width: 22 1/2 Inches

Depth: 29 3/4 Inches

Weight: 113 Lb


1- Home Package #1 ALPHA Squat Tower

Include : ALPHA Squat Tower + Fury Flat Bench + PHOENIX Barbell + 160 lb Decagon Weight Plates 2(45,25,10 lb) + Plastic Collars

Price 630.00 USD

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