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The Storm Series WOLVERINE Half Rack builds on the ruggedness and stability of the TORQUE Power Squat by adding plate storage and packing on another 100 lbs of raw weight.  Similar to the rest of the Storm Series line, the WOLVERINE Half Rack features 3 inch x 3 inch 7 and 11 gauge powder coated steel components, 1 inch thick attachment pins, 1 inch thick hardware, and a dark black powder coating.   The WOLVERINE also boasts triple reinforced uprights:  1)  the main uprights are surrounded on 3 sides with 7 gauge steel walls, 2)  these walls are reinforced with 2 welded angle brackets front and back, and 3)  the main uprights are triple bolted to the frame for maximum strength and durability.  We build it right!  As with all Bolt equipment, all WOLVERINE Half Racks are built with high quality raw materials and have passed strict quality control measures for there construction. 


---7 gauge steel j-cups with UHMW plastic

---24 inch long 7 gauge steel spotter arms with UHMW plastic

---2 pull-up bars (1.25 and 1.5" diameter)

---8 olympic plate storage pins


Height:  92"

Depth:  72"

Width:  49""


Brand:  Bolt

Steel:   3 inch x 3 inch 7 and 11 gauge powder coated steel

Hardware:  1 inch thick

Color:  Black

Attachments:  Compatible with Storm Series Attachments

Mounting Pins:  1 Inch thick

Product  Weight:  310 lbs




3 inch x 3 inch 7 and 11 Gauge Powder Coated Steel Components 1 Inch Thick Attachment Pins 1 inch Thick Hardware

Price 725.00 USD

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