The Right Dumbbells for You

Date: 22-04-2023 Category: Equipment

The Right Dumbbells for You:

Choosing the right dumbbells is crucial to your workout routine. It's the one piece you can add to your gym that allows you many customization options for your fitness goals. Whether you are building your home gym or a commercial gym, this blog will explain the main differences in the types of dumbbells and what you need based on space, fitness goals, and cost. 

The main types of dumbbells are adjustable, fixed, round, hex, and studio. These can differ by cost, storage space requirements, individual fitness goals, and levels. Adjustable dumbbells allow you to have various weights within a small space. Fixed dumbbells provide consistent weight and usually are more durable if dropped. Meanwhile, round dumbbells typically are wrapped in a protective coating, and the hexagon is used because of its flat sides so it does not roll. Lastly, the studio dumbbells are lightweight and often paired with cardio. 

Why Buy a Set of Weights in the Beginning?

Why is it essential to get a set of weights at the beginning of your fitness experience? Easy, you eliminate a lot of costs and wasted space. Whether you're a beginner or a commercial gym owner, you eventually will want an entire set of weights. The range you want matters. If you want to maximize your space and the value of your money, knowing what you want helps you spend less over time. Dumbbells are single-handed (or dual-handed) and the best piece to start with for full-body workouts. They are the most versatile pieces for any gym!

Commercial Gym Owners: 

Think of your clientele, your people. Some are novice athletes, and some are advanced strength trainers. People want to go to the gym and use dumbbells that feel robust! They don't want to worry about the dumbbell rolling across the floor during their workout routines. Choose hex-shaped dumbbells with metal handles and a rubberized coating for long-term use. They are perfect for the job if you want something durable and easy to use. They protect your gym flooring from being scratched up and help prevent dumbbells from rolling everywhere and becoming a hazard. They are also more sturdy when it comes to accidental drops. 

Home Gym Owners: 

Don't break the bank; save time, money, and space! Adjustable dumbbells can range in different sizes and prices. At Bolt Fitness Supply, we carry heavy-duty dumbbells that will save you time, money, and space while helping you forge your inner champion.

We have two main types of adjustable dumbbells. Adjustable dumbbells that are plate loaded are a variety of weightlifting equipment that allows you to adjust the weight of the dumbbell by adding or removing plates. These dumbbells typically consist of a handle you hold onto and a set of plates you can add or remove to change the weight.

The advantage of using adjustable dumbbells that are plate loaded is that you can quickly and easily adjust the weight to suit your strength and fitness level. Adjustable dumbells can save you time and money compared to purchasing multiple sets of traditional dumbbells.

Some plate-loaded adjustable dumbbells have a locking mechanism that lets you secure the plates and help prevent them from slipping during your workout. Others may require you to manually tighten the weights onto the handle to ensure they stay in place. 

It is essential to choose adjustable dumbbells made from high-quality materials and sturdy construction to ensure they are safe to use and last long.

There are many types of adjustable dumbbells. Some adjustable dumbbells require you to screw them together each time you change weights, leading to more weight flexibility but taking more time to switch out the weights. Buy quick-locking dumbbells to save time and for being more user-friendly. The quick-locking dumbbells typically offer an easier transition from different weights. They also can take as little as 8 seconds to switch the weights from 10 lbs to 80 lbs. That's quicker than putting down the dumbbells and going to grab the other weights from a dumbbell rack! 

OH NO! Houston, we have a problem! You can save space and money with adjustable dumbbells. If you live in an apartment or have little room to build a home gym, this square-footage-saving set of dumbbells is ideal! Build your strength and efficient home gym at the same time.

Now let's compare the cost comparison of fixed dumbbells vs. adjustable dumbbells. You can buy a variety of weights incrementing by 5 lbs from 5-50 lbs for $550 with adjustable dumbbells or $1,170 with heavy-duty dumbbells in the store. It makes sense for those with a small space and smaller budgets (especially in this economy) to use the money they save on building their home gym in other ways! These are not ideal for someone constantly dropping weights; these are not constructed to drop. So if you constantly drop weights, look at the hex-dumbbells instead, as they will last longer and make the most sense for your needs.

In Conclusion:

Are you someone with limited space who needs to save the most money? If you are not worried about the intensity of your workout causing you to drop your weights, the adjustable dumbbells are ideal. They will save you floor space and money! On the other hand, do you need something durable and with variety for many people to train with? If that sounds like you, check out the hex-dumbbells with metal handles to keep your athletes happy and your floors safe! All of these options and more are available from Bolt Fitness Supply. Contact us today to find your perfect match.

Comparison Chart:

Adjustable Dumbbells

Fixed Hex Dumbbells

Space Saving

Impressive Display

Home Use

Commercial Use



Up to 80 pounds

120 pounds +

Rapid and Easy change

More Users

Less Initial Cost 

More Flexibility in Cost 


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