Creating your Home Gym

Date: 27-02-2023 Category: Equipment

Happy New Year’s to all of our Bolt Athletes! Starting off the New Year right is key to excelling in your fitness journey. While the gym’s may be overcrowded during this time of year,  the ideal way to avoid this issue would be to begin investing in your own home gym. While also helping you feel more comfortable in your own space, creating your home gyms are also cost-efficient in the long run.

Home Gym vs Commercial Gym

We believe everyone should have their dream gym, which is why Bolt Fitness Supply has designed affordable and customizable home gym packages. All our home gym kits begin with a set of 160 lbs Lightning weight plates, the Tusk olympic barbell, the Fury flat bench and a pair of rubber collars. Customers have the ability to swap or add plates, benches, and bars to other options we have here at Bolt Fitness Supply. As well as upgrading any heavy-duty equipment based on your budget and needs. Whether you're starting your fitness journey or are an experienced athlete, you will find a package that suits your needs.

The main difference between all the home gym packages would begin at the very first decision between our starting choices: Squat stands, half racks, collapsible racks, full power racks, or All-in-ones of your choice.

Home Gym Packages

Squat Stands & Half Racks

We offer three options in terms of squat stands, all which are ergonomic options. 

The Striker, from our Tempest series, is considered the entry level squat stand. The Torque, from our Storm series (3x3), and the Rebel, from our Lightning series (2x3), are both heavy duty and include the option of being upgraded by adding a conversion kit. The addition of the conversion kit allows for more weight storage and transforms the Torque into our Wolverine half rack and the Rebel into our Raptor half rack.

 Squat Stand & Half Racks

Collapsible Racks

Collapsible racks would be most optimal to those with a limited amount of space. Whether it be in your garage, studio, or room, our four collapsible racks are easy to fold and transform your space in no time. The Force, from our storm series, and the Stealth, from our lightning series, come in two sizes. The collapsible racks are available in 21.5” and 41.5”, allowing the options to create an efficient workout station anywhere in your house, office, or studio. A collapsible home gym package is the perfect option for those who are short on space but have big fitness goals. The collapsible rack is easy to install and is equipped with fold-away convenience. The collapsible rack will help ensure that your floor space is being used more efficiently and effectively. The collapsible can always be upgraded with numerous attachments that are offered at Bolt, such as dip attachments, monolifts, leg rollers, or a pulley system.

Collapsible Racks

Full Power Racks

For athletes with more space to invest in their gym, full power racks are definitely a great option. With more space and equipment that comes along, the variety of exercises is further expanded. Our storm series and lightning series each have three options of full power racks. Our Storm series include the Nitro, the Krypton, and the Barbarian. Our Lightning series include the Silverback, the Machine, and the Warrior. The full power racks include the options of attachments, both series available to be upgraded with pulley attachments. Including lat pulldowns and low row combos, the attachments will expand the variety of exercises that can be performed with the full power racks. Our full power racks also include the option of upgraded storage with the addition of a 24” conversion kit.

Full Power Racks

All In Ones

All in ones include functional trainers, smith machines, power rack combos. All in ones may be the most versatile equipment available, and many of them can serve as functional trainers as well as full power racks. All in ones can include plate loaded machines and selectorized machines, and offers the assistance of a built in spotter.

All In Ones

Investing in your own home gym may seem a bit intimidating, but we are here to assist you at Bolt Fitness Supply.

Contact us 832-767-1363  or visit us at 6415 Allegheny St, Houston, TX 77021 and get started on your own home gym!


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