Benefits of using Dumbbells

Date: 27-02-2023 Category: Equipment

At Bolt Fitness Supply, we know that gaining strength and building mass can be accomplished by weight training with dumbbells. Dumbbell training is an effective way to promote hypertrophy, a precursor for muscle development and growth. Here we list some of the benefits that training with dumbbells can achieve and some of the dumbbell options we offer both in our store, here in Houston, Texas, and online at

1. The versatility of dumbbells allows the user to strength train using a variety of positions and angles. This allows the athlete to activate a greater number of muscle fibers.

2. Dumbbells allow for unilateral strength training thereby providing the ability to eliminate strength disparities between one side of the body and the other. Dumbbells force users to work each side of the body independently, and therefore, the athlete can adjust the amount of weight, number of repetitions, and overall intensity, to help negate any strength imbalances between one side of the body and the other.

3. Training with dumbbells makes different types of workouts easier when training solo including rest-pause, mechanical advantage drop sets, and traditional drop sets.

4. Dumbbells help the athlete increase the range of motion for many exercises which force the body to engage in stabilizing muscles and structures, thereby maximizing muscle growth.

5. Exercising with dumbbells is also beneficial for those who plan to workout by themselves. Since dumbbells are comparatively small, are used independently, and are easily manipulated, self-spotting is generally easier and safer with dumbbell training.

6. Dumbbells take up a comparatively small amount of space within a home or commercial gym. This is especially true when users use adjustable dumbbells which offer several different weight options all within one dumbbell.

Bolt Fitness Supply carries a full line of both fixed weight and adjustable dumbbell options. We carry fixed weight dumbbells from 5 pounds all the way to 120 pounds with a hexagonal shape to promote stability when using dumbbells on a flat surface and with a rubber coating to protect floors, walls, and the equipment itself. These dumbbells also feature contoured, chromed, and knurled handles for improved ergonomics, a better grip throughout the workouts, a long-lasting appearance, and an attractive design.


Bolt NuoBell Adjustable Dumbbells

Bolt Fitness Supply also offers the most technologically innovative and functionally efficient adjustable dumbbells on the market. We have adjustable dumbbells that go from 5-50 and 5-80 in 5-pound increments. The quick select handles allow users to shift from weight to weight faster than any other options currently on the market. This saves time and improves the users' overall workout experience while maximizing space. Stop by today to see how Bolt Fitness Supply is Innovating Strength!

• NuoBell Adjustable Dumbbell 5-50 Lb Black • NuoBell Adjustable Dumbbell 5-80 Lb Black    

• NuoBell Adjustable Dumbbell 5-50 Lb Green • NuoBell Adjustable Dumbbell 5-80 Lb Green 



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